Anxious over college admission, what to do?


The Buddha spoke about comprehending the concepts of void, unreality,

and the mean. Void pertains to existence of suchness, surpassing of all

things worldly. Void pertains to all worldly ways. Life as lived in the saha

world is constantly under the impact of cause and effect. Such is the

cause and hence such is the effect. It is wholly unavoidable. And, the

mean pertains to middle path.

Learning begets wisdom, which begets the capability to tell between

right and wrong, which begets the capability to service all living beings

and generate affinity, and hence which begets earning of merit and

virtue and blessed retribution. Work on college admission is in

essence laying down a cornerstone for the future, a wonderful start

in positioning oneself socioeconomically. Lay down discomfort, focus

on thinking, and ready yourself for college, which is in no contradiction

against the Buddhist practice in any way.