What does leaking virtue connote?

It is acknowledged in Buddhism that—of all matters, all things on

earth—none is ever capable of making any detour around the governing

of cause and effect: a certain cause in place duly begets its result; a

melon (seed) planted duly begets its melon, and a pea sown, its peas.

Like a shadow chasing its form, cause and effect realize irrespective of

time frame however its extent.

We might have performed multiple virtuous deeds benefiting self as

much as others, but such deeds would still through lifetimes have the

force of habit hot on their trail. Greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance,

doubt, and evil views continue interacting whilst smearing the virtuous

deeds. Thus smeared, the virtuous thoughts in mind are impure and

hence termed leaking virtue.