How many Buddhas exactly are there?

The Buddha denotes enlightening self, enlightening another,

and enlightening process complete. Putting the bodhisattva way in

practice, a bodhisattva awakens to life' s continuation with no end in

sight, how, in the process, it is innately contaminated and erroneous,

how it is impure and entwined by greed, anger, and ignorance despite

the presence of virtue, and why it is imperative to leave evil for good, to

cleanse life for reemergence from rebirths and redeaths, and to attain

bodhi, nirvana, and Buddhahood. Each and every life has its ingrained

ingredient for awakening; each and every life has its own potential

for Buddhahood. All lives are immeasurable and all Buddhas, too,

are immeasurable.